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Oct 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
people also want to know. when romney stole the show by literally turning upside down what his positions have been, it was time to hold him accountable. >> i can't make sense out of it. it's been said in some places and no, not by me that obama actually, this has been said by people that maybe he's not very bright. the other night i actually wondered what's wrong with him. i don't think it's because he's afraid to be an angry black man to say the things you were talking about would not have looked angry, just intelligence. i suspect he's used to being riding on that charisma of his. i think he thought standing there and being his larger than life self would take care of things. >> there's a few other theories about this. steve schmidt worked on the 2012 reelect bush. the president always has more important things to do. when you say you need to go to debate practice and he says turkey is about to go to war. i think preparation does matter. i think we saw that a little bit. >> would he have practiced for these? >> yes, yes. >> i just want to say, the one thing they should practi
Oct 7, 2012 8:00am EDT
think to double down that -- did i just say that? kick me off the show now. >> i'm throwing you under the bus. >> the other thing people want to look at in this election is not only mitt romney, but the party that mitt romney serves and with the issues of choice and the legislation going on not only in washington but around the states when obama gets called up all the time on he didn't get this done or this done or this done, it's because of this destructive congress. when you have mitt romney who is going to lead this party, especially not the party of allen west and all these people who are crack pots on science and women's issues. that was a real chance for barack obama to say i have defended this whole time. >> and legislation that lets you take care of yourself. >> that to me was very striking as well as someone who works in this body that has about 10% approval rating from the american people. how do you -- >> and falling. >> exactly. how do you talk about -- i mean are you struck by how little congressional obstruction? >> essentially, romney just -- it was a game changer when
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
%, the wealthiest 1% of households in a mitt romney administration will go down. >> i'm not sure of that. so, i mean, i think some of the things we've talked about, some of the things you talked about in your segment before, it's all about deductions limiting things versus income tax rates. there are a lot of things you can do with deductions. they missed a few things. there are other deductions that the tpc and gayle and other co authors that study will admit. you can get to income neutrality. >> you can get there though with get with some real political costs which is going after deductions that people really care about, right? i mean, you can do things to charitable deductions. in fact, the president in his first budget proposed capping charitable deductions. what happened was the entire world of universities, catholic charities, everyone else freaked the heck out and it got killed, right? you can go after the mortgage deduction. good luck. go around america and tell everyone that. >> it's worse than that because, in fact, right now with the property market as bad as it is, the real e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3